About production

Oktan brand products are manufactured in Russia, that allows to carefully monitor product quality, quickly manage production volumes and quickly respond to changes.
Oktan is a rapidly developing brand of auto accessories that uses new technological solutions for the needs of Russian car owners.

Production technology

The company's production includes several technologies and is based on a solid infrastructure base.
Injection molding is the plastics processing by injection of a molten polymer material under pressure into an injection mold, followed by its cooling. Injection molding of plastics is carried out on injection molding machines.
Blow molding is the process of forming hollow plastic products by blowing a polymer stocking with air in a mold followed by cooling. Blow molding is carried out on blow molding machines.
Tufting is a technology of "driving" pile tufts into drilled holes based on a brush.

Quality Control Department

We highly value our customers and maintain the quality of products at a high level, therefore, quality control is carried out at several stages of production:
- incoming quality control of raw and other materials,
- manufacturing process control,
- Packaging of the finished product (final quality check)
All products have quality certificates, including the fire safety certificate of the Russian Federation and the UN international quality certificate, which support the conformity of products with the requirements of international and national dangerous goods regulations (European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road, UN Model Regulations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods, etc.).