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The Oktan auto accessories brand is based on the Industrial company Brumex. The history of the Brumex company originates in 2015 with the production of various plastic products and entering the market of Russia and CIS countries. Today, the company's portfolio includes more than 500 SKU of the assortment. Our mission is to produce the highest quality products at affordable prices. Using state-of-the-art equipment, we manufacture cans and auto accessories that meet international and Russian requirements for product safety.

Products under the Russian brand "Oktan" are designed to make the life of a Russian car owner more pleasant, easier and safer. The company puts at the forefront not only control over the quality of manufactured and sold products, but also technological solutions that can change the usual approach to car ownership in general.

The Oktan range of auto products was crowned with high quality fuel cans made in sizes 5, 10, 20 and 25 liters, unique for this product niche. The Oktan cans have a number of functional advantages, which allows them to occupy more than 70% of the shelf space. The assortment range of the brand includes funnels for fuel and technical liquids with a flexible spout, as well as various accessories for them, which allows you to choose a funnel for your needs.

In the product groups of the Oktan brand, there are snow brushes of the most popular sizes and in recognizable colors, as well as scrapers and squeegees for removing water from glasses.

The Oktan hand sprayers are expanding the product line, which are excellent assistants for car washing.

Your reasons to trust us:

1. Own production and the team of professionals in the field of technology, sales and marketing.
2. We occupy more than 70% of the shelf space with cans under our own brand.
3. We regularly confirm the quality with an international UN certificate.
4. We regularly test our products and improve product characteristics.

Our team tirelessly studies global experience and products, uses and implements the acquired knowledge in production. We are responsible for our product and give manufacturer's guarantees.

Oktan - the reliable partner for your business!